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Our Remarkable

Our buyers are a diverse group, but do share a common perspective. They want to spend their money wisely.




We represent buyers in the purchase of luxury real estate, as well as more moderately priced family homes and investment property. Although our buyers have very different lifestyles, they tend to share an awareness.



They realize that buying a great property at the sensible price is more likely to occur when expertise-guided effort is applied in a planned manner rather than by relying on luck.

Sometimes this perspective has been gained in business school, but more often it is a reflection of their common sense.

Our buyers are typically busy people who need efficient and timely access to all possible opportunities. They want quality assistance with evaluations of homes. They want efficient area orientation, valuation assistance, and often school overviews. They sincerely appreciate negotiation assistance that is real. We function as consultants rather than salespeople, and they appreciate that we never attempt to "sell" them.


We also have a group of clients who have a background in real estate or law, but who know that they are not "on the ground" on a daily basis. Their lesson of their related experience encourages them in the desire to avoid being harmed b
y what they don't know, or by what they do. They feel that choice of agent is important.


They desire to work with an agent who is an enabler (who will ad value to the process that they recognize as important); this quality seems to run through our client base at all price levels.

As we see it, it does not cost more to choose to work with the best possible agent. It could very well cost less. Therefore, no buyer should have the choice made for them, nor allow it to be made accidentally.

Our clients tend to agree.