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" As our Buyers Representative, John Herman did a great job in assisting us in buying our first house in the Greenwich area.  John helped us find an ideal property for our family because he understood our requirements and he had good knowledge of Riverside ."

Greg Heisz
Riverside, CT


Before meeting John Herman, my wife and I would hate and try to avoid talking to real estate agents. We could just not stand how disinterested in our priorities and how pushy for closing they were. Also, being first time buyers coming from another country and not understanding the process of finding homes, making an offer and closing a real estate transactions in the U.S. was something that left us very concerned. Given the large amounts involved, John was great from day one. He left us completely comfortable to ask questions. He was always very responsive to our requests for additional information on specific properties. We would definitely work with John again, and we recommend his firm for anyone looking for a smart, reliable and very nice agent to work with.

Zingara and Rodrigo Londes
Morgan Stanley


I have dealt with many realtors over the years and had never worked with an Exclusive Buyer's Agent before John Herman. His commitment, ingenuity and friendly manner all helped to bring a very difficult transaction to closing when it could just as easily have fallen apart. I cannot image having purchased my home without him.

Jay Alger
Orchestral Conductor, Miss Saigon


"John was extremely helpful, and it was good to have someone who
went across the spectrum of real estate."

Relocation Buyers Dina, and Barry Fox
  Vice President ABC-Westinghouse


"John Herman is a first class individual who runs a first class operation - The Buyer's Representative.  As an attorney, I am keenly aware of the potential pitfalls that can surround a seemingly simple transaction such as buying a home; I also understand the value of expert, professional and (most importantly) impartial advice.  Mr. Herman and his colleagues, as exclusive buyer's agents, provided this assistance to me at every step of the home buying process.  I know that it is because of their help that I found the best home available.  Mr. Herman's honest and up-front business model allows him to focus on the buyer's needs without distraction. 

Clifford E. Nichols III, Esq.

"Buying a new home is not easy but that doesn't mean it can't be an enjoyable experience. Add the complexity of a 2500-mile commute, limited time and a hyperactive market and it can be quite a problem.  For these and other reasons we chose to use a buyer's only representative, and John Herman filled this role with wisdom, utility, honesty and charm.  I cannot image ever not using a "buyer's only" agency should we every need to relocate again. I knew that may best interests were his only concern and they were most satisfactorily fulfilled.

Alan and Dr. Linda Reinberg


We just couldn't believe there could be such a thing as a broker who would represent our interests.   I know that over the next few months from the date of contract, you worked tirelessly to find a property that we would enjoy.    Thanks for bringing this lovely piece of property to our lives" 

  Larry Conover 
President SB Division,
American International Group 



... Do NOT trust realtors who call themselves "buyer's agents" when they're not EXCLUSIVE buyer's agents. There are built in conflicts of interest with the average realtor that will prevent them from putting your interests first...

Krista Bradford  
Bradford Executive Research
( Krista is best known  for her 20-year career 
as a TV news reporter in NYC)



"We are living in our sixth home.   NO real estate company represented us as well as "The Buyer's Representative."  We have purchased 3 homes now through exclusive buyer's agents firms (relocated again).  There is no comparison!   We received totally dedicated services and advocacy.  Our agent was tireless in assisting our search for the perfect home."

Gerry and Dr. Steven Kuhlman, DDS


"The Buyer's Representative LLC represented us in the purchase of our home.   They are excellent and very reliable.   Being first time buyers, we were completely clueless about the whole process.   But with excellent an appropriate guidance from The Buyer's Representative, we found the perfect home for us.   They took extra effort to take all our needs into consideration and helped us buy our prefect home.   They are excellent and we highly recommend them."

Dr. Vijay Joshi, and Dr. Weishali Joshi


"They made the purchase of our new home a pleasant, rewarding experience.   At each and ever step of the way, we felt that our best interests were the utmost concern of the agents representing us.   They were knowledgeable, supportive, accommodating, professional, and pleasant to work with.   We would recommend the Buyer's Representative LLC to everyone because we were 100% satisfied."

New construction buyers Mark and Josephine Domizio


We felt having and Exclusive Buyer's agent really protected our interests...!"

Chris and Maryann Dupuis


With buyer's representation from John Herman, we got the house we wanted at the price we wanted.   John's negotiation skills gave us a definite advantage over seller's representation alone, at no additional cost to us.   We would most definitely recommend the services of The Buyer's Representative LLC.    Before buying any house, give John a call.

First home buyers Dana and Krista Rossetti


"I think the Buyer's Representatives are experienced professional real estate agents.   I noticed  a significant difference between a seller agent and a buyer agent.  The Buyer's Representatives....One thing I liked was that they told me what to offer for the property and also helped me choose my home over the others and provided me a list of current prices.   Another thing they pointed out was the defects of the house, and they were the best to negotiate the price."   

Multi-family home buyer, Teresa Kaminski 



"From the minute I first spoke with John Herman I felt he was totally dedicated to working for our family...We never had to worry that John had the seller's interest involved.   He was totally dedicated to getting us the best deal for our money and time.   John is very personable and we continued a family friendship for several years because of his likeable and honest qualities."

Linda, and Dr. Charles Kime 


"They were extremely helpful in finding the right home and arranging all the tasks that must be done to prepare for closing.   They also helped me with finding a reputable mortgage broker and home inspector."

Susan Murray



"I found the Buyer's Representative to be knowledgeable and experienced.  Their insight helped us make a good choice financially/investment wise, and helped us find a home to meet our family's needs."

 Relocating Buyer David Roemer,
Aramark Corporation



"We are very satisfied with the personal attention and quality service we received from the Buyer's Representative.   It was great having your team on our side.  When the going got tough you guys kicked... (were there for us in a big way) !"

Renate, and James O'Hair, Radisson Hotels



"John Herman acted as our buyer's broker when we purchased our first home.    He was thorough and highly professional at all times.  He was extremely responsive to our wishes and highly skilled at interpreting those wishes.  John showed us only homes that were practical, viable choices for our desires and price range.   As an advocate for our interests alone, he was an invaluable element in the final transaction.   Though our house is perfect and we don't envision every moving, John Herman would be our first call if that situation did arise.  We recommend John Herman without reservation."

 Antique home buyers, Karen and Jack Suslzinsky


"John Herman and team helped us find our second home that we love.  The process was amazingly fast and efficient.  John was friendly, accessible and helpful.    We recommend EBAs (Exclusive Buyer's Agents) highly!"

Second home buyers Greg Anrig and Reanne Reid