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Greenwich is in a sense a nation unto itself; the American Luxembourg situated between NY state & Southern Connecticut.

The charm of the town derives from a blend of Connecticut tradition, and a diverse population drawn from around the nation and around the world.   While strongly influenced by the NY metro where many of its residents are employed, the town retains a unique character unto itself.   Much of the town offers a rural atmosphere reminiscent of the state's colonial farming heritage.  While retaining the charm of its past, it is a modern town with a culturally rich atmosphere.   Greenwich has an achievement oriented population of broad variation and sophistication.

The town's real estate is the most highly sought after in Connecticut and among the most sought after anywhere.    Homes range in price from approximately $500,000 to $15 million (very high end homes have sold for 40 million), with most homes in the $800,000 to $3 million category.   There are few homes under $500,000.  The town also offers a number of condominium opportunities.

The town's many neighborhoods vary greatly in character  The expansive estates of mid and northern Greenwich contrast to the smaller homes of Old Greenwich and Riverside.   What is consistent throughout the town's many neighborhoods  is conscientious attention to property maintenance and ever-present efforts to enhance aesthetics.  

The school system is highly respected with student scores among the top in the nation.    Private schools are also available. The town's location offers an easy commute into New York City.

Exclusive Buyer's Agent

John Herman, real estate analyst and Exclusive Buyer's Agent, will do all possible to see that you purchase is the best possible purchase that can be achieved.  Full unbiased evaluation of homes you have interest in, and a complete search of all properties from all sources will be provided to you to assure a quality purchase. You will enjoy the best possible opportunity afforded a homebuyer.

Alternative Towns

While Greenwich offers a very high quality of lifestyle, it is also the most costly of Connecticut towns to purchase a home in. There are a number of other very high quality alternative towns in the immediate area. We will be pleased to show you all properties in these quality Connecticut towns, as well as in Westchester NY.